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Calling in for a Mini-Reading,
on one of our Shows?

RPRadioBannerWe take calls in the order they come in, BUT if you help support the shows, we will return the favor by bringing you on RIGHT AWAY!

Just choose an amount you’d like to donate from the drop-down menu below. On the payment page, be sure to include your Area Code & First Name, so we can bring you right On-Air!

You can be sure we take your call AND get right on-air, NO WAITING!

Let us know in the Chat Room as well, along with your First Name & Area Code …We will bring you right on!

The Chat Room appears at the bottom of the Live Show Page (On-Air)

Call in Number for the shows: 347-637-3372

PLUS, in addition to getting RIGHT ON-AIR, NO WAITING! …we have some other GOODIES for you as a special gift from us!! (see below the drop-down menu…)

Choose Amount….

RPRTuesdayIn addition to getting on the show right away, NO WAITING, when you make a donation of $20 or more, you can ask two questions on-air…

If you donate $30 or more, you will also receive a FREE Numerology Report!

If you donate $40 or more, you will also receive a FREE 3-Card Reading via eMail…

DaxHasYourNumberBanner…and if you make a donation of $50, you will also receive a FREE Membership to The Tarot Guild! (a $60 value!)

NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to purchase. Click the Don’t Have a PayPal Account? Link to use your credit or debit card…..


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