Advanced Tarot Secrets

Advacnced Tarot Secrets

….by Dr Dax Carlisle, DD, CHt, CTM
Sept 8th, 2013

Hot off the Presses! I JUST got my review copy of Dusty White’s LATEST book Advanced Tarot Secrets:

I’ve skimmed through the whole book and now started reading it in earnest.  Already I can tell you this work is phenomenal! Finally a book for the Advanced Tarotist and Professional…

If you’ve been a Reader for a while now, even a 30-year veteran, Advanced Tarot Secrets will take you to that “Next Level”, that few Readers ever get to.

You will find exercises, Tarot Games and techniques not found anywhere else. If you are a Professional, you will soon find your Tarot business SOARING! (Along with your fees…)

I will do a more complete review after I am finished reading….

EasiestTarotIf you are a beginner, I highly suggest you begin with Dusty’s book: The Easiest Way to Learn Tarot – EVER! – …Advanced Tarot Secrets starts off where this book leaves off – they are meant to compliment each other.

With the edition of Advanced Tarot Secrets, these two book are now truly a path to Tarot Master.….

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