World Tarot Day? We have a LONG way to go Folks…

tarot-cards-500x375It may be World Tarot Day (Week), and all of us Tarot Practitioners, Readers, Students and Enthusiasts may be celebrating – but we have a LONG WAY TO GO to inform the General Public and dispel all the old myths & misconceptions about The Tarot!

I came across this post (below) from one Judie Lipsett Stanford, on today. It illustrates what the majority of the general public still think:

World Tarot Week? World Tarot Day? What?!

Best I can tell, the people who use tarot cards are those who want to believe in the idea of pre-destiny, or that there is some mystical “if I do this, then that will occur” order to the universe — beyond simple cause and effect. It’s kind of sad, really, to imagine someone thinking that by spending time with a deck of decorated cards, they’d be able to figure out what makes them or their loved ones tick. Even sadder is that in most cases people will pay someone else good money in order to have these “insights” given to them. Now that you know where I am coming from on the subject, I’ll get to the point…

To read the full post, please visit here:  World Tarot Week?

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